Big news this week...
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Big news this week...


I’ve been talking a lot about GPT-3; an artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, which was co-founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. Here are the relevant newsletters:

GPT is a game-changer in terms of open innovation in AI. Access to the private beta has become difficult given how many organizations globally are vying for it. Well…thanks to you…WE JUST RECEIVED ACCESS! Much, much faster than I thought was possible.

This is the first time I’ve asked the nr2 community to help us, and there is zero doubt that your support is the reason we got access.

We received so many videos of support that I had to write a script to automate the editing! Here is a little snapshot of what the editing looked like:


I’ll share the final edit soon!

I feel so lucky to have your support and to be doing this with people who push us to get better. GPT-3 access is a new beginning in terms of what we can do with our data. OpenAI requests us to be careful around social media, so I won’t share the details yet. But in a nutshell, and if you’ll forgive my English, it’s f*cking powerful.

It really accelerates how quickly we can deliver you the things you want.

Step one is connecting GPT-3 to nr2’s AI, Theia, in a scalable way. It’s going to take some time and we are running the tests. If you’re registered on, you’ll get an e-mail as soon as it’s live.

We are also working on a product for those who, like me, enjoy playing with all the data we are gathering, rather than just the data we show on the search engine. I’ll share more soon but if you want to play with our data through an API, please ping me a private message 😇

Thanks as ever for reading and, if you like what you see, please consider sharing!



1 Selected Fundraising Activities

Raised 13Mn CNY for its Strategic investment round.

Raised 100Mn USD for its D round from Xiaomi Group.

Raised 100Mn CNY for its B round from Cowin VC.

Raised 50Mn USD for its C round from ATM Capital and Focustar Capital.

Raised 100Mn USD for its B round from China Renaissance.

2 Selected IPO & M&A Events

Raised 210Mn CNY for its IPO round.

Raised 762Mn CNY for its IPO round.

Raised 228Mn CNY for its IPO round.

Raised 2Bn CNY for its IPO round.

Raised 318Mn CNY for its IPO round.